You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Display of results The results box is situated to the left of the spanner button. This frequently led to less than satisfactory coursework, since they lost track of what they were supposed to be doing. To set the ranges that you want on the axes, press Shift F3 VWindow and amend accordingly. Instructions refer to the Casio fx, but similar operations apply to other models.

The scale that will be used is whatever you used for the previous graph, and may be totally unsuitable. Now perform the graph-drawing exercise for your functions, exactly as you did for the five functions you were given. Emphasize that it is not at all like GCSE coursework if they have done that since, in my experience, few of my students enjoyed that and were not confident about exactly what was required to achieve a high mark. What you need to find now are equations that do not factorise. An example is given of an equation where this method fails to find a particular root, despite a starting value close to it. There is an illustrated explanation why this has happened. This is helpful to them, as they can check that everything is included; to you, as you can see where they think it is, if it is not immediately apparent; and also to the moderator.

Points to be aware of when assessing C3 Coursework: However, good answers will refer, at least briefly, to general considerations such as potential difficulties in finding a rearrangement that works.

There is a sensible comparison of the relative merits of the three methods in terms of ease of use with available hardware and software. You will be very lucky if the first five functions you think of are all suitable. Bristol Business School Academic Year: Error bounds are stated and the method is illustrated graphically. One way of identifying cubic and higher order equations that do not have an analytical solution is to look for associated graphs that cross the x-axis at courrsework values.


The method is illustrated graphically for one root. The content of this handout is simply what I have done recently. Slow motion errog Press the button that looks like a tortoise. It is currently on the school network, but if working from home you can download a day free trial. The coursework assessment sheet is both detailed and prescriptive and should be issued to students as they start their coursework.

mei c3 coursework error bounds

A different equation must be used for each method. Exercise For each of the graphs in the list, use the range suggested above to draw the graph on your calculator and then courswork the graph onto file paper, not graph paper adding the scale to the axes. Candidates will investigate the solution of equations using the following three methods: Yes, my mdi is: In addition, you must not choose a cubic that crosses the x-axis at an integer value, since using the factor theorem you could then find a linear factor, reducing the cubic to linear times quadratic and therefore solvable.

C3 coursework…..error bounds??

Alternatively you can select the area you want by just editing the axes. A good starting range for most polynomials that you will want to graph is: It is reasonable for students to base their judgements on the equations they happen to have used.


Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. If there is only one equation you could type over it. This frequently led to less than satisfactory coursework, since they lost track of what they were supposed to be doing.


You may also return to the default axes you started off with the button just to the left of the degrees button. This will be on the top line of the display.

mei c3 coursework error bounds

A rearrangement of the same equation is applied in a situation where the iteration fails to converge to the required root. We allow our students to use either. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form.

My intention here is to pass on my thoughts on how this coursework can couursework done. This site uses cookies.


It often takes several attempts to find equations for coursework that satisfy all the criteria. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

They feel comfortable with polynomial graphs, having sketched them without calculators in C1, and are able to differentiate polynomial functions for those methods that require this. The scale that will be used is whatever you used for the previous graph, and may be totally unsuitable. Background The cubic and quartic curves that you sketched in C1 were ones that could be written in a factorised form: Frror can I say that it is

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